Missing Cassis, France

My trip to Cassis, France, in the Provence region was cut short last year by a family emergency but you wouldn’t believe what I crammed into about 20 hours there! Definitely going back to recapture the days I lost. 

Dinner at Fleurs de Thym, Rue Lamartine – recommended by a native of Cassis and one of my best meals last year. Dinner at Fleurs de Thym.It’s had some bad press on TripAdvisor for slow  service but its cuisine is rarely faulted. The service was pretty good when I was there – one waiter managed the whole floor. It won’t be your cheapest meal in Cassis but I thought the value/quality balance was fine. And you can always eat cheap the next night.

Boat trip to Les Calanques,The town and the harbour. Just so chic, picturesque and so…French! 20140617_165100

Le Marche – the market on Wednesdays and Fridays. Couldn’t stop buying food and fabrics! Cheese, olives, tapenade. Actually, the tapenade was so insanely expensive I told him to take it back. Just buy a spoonful. 

How do you get there? Fly into Marseilles and then get the train to Cassis. You need a car or someone to pick you up from the station. It’s not walking distance.


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